A god-like creature. Host of the wildly popular "interground" sensation variety talk show Brewkah Assault. One who out of compassion for others forgoes a state of absolute blessedness so as to entertain the masses.
I did not think nirvana was possible until I heard NOOJ on Brewkah Assault.
by Goldhammers Tampon August 15, 2011
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buy the domain for your travel vlog
cuddle warm fuzzy
snuggle buddy
bit of a dork
dopey but loved
Hey come and give me a nooj!
<3 you noojy ber, ie bear
you are SUCH a NOOJ!
what's happenin Noojbo?
by turquis July 06, 2011
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A guy with a weird name and weird hairstyle. Give the Kilika Sphere to Baralai and LeBlanc goes around calling him Noojie-Woojie. Hilarious.
"Oh, they're just lucky Noojie Woojie left that sphere"
by kameleonkat February 10, 2004
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Some gay bastard on FFX-2. Owner of the mighty fluffy pink sleeve of death!
He's gaaaaaaay!
by Naggeh March 06, 2004
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