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To grab someone around the neck with your arm, pull their head against your body (thus subduing them), make your other hand into a fist, and grate your knuckles painfully against their scalp. If you're sneaky enough, grabbing them around the neck may not be necessary.

A favorite tactic among bullies and older siblings.
Hey! Don't give me a noogy! It breaks my hair! - My sister
by noogyman February 09, 2005
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Noogies really hurt, but they aren't as bad as wedgies.
by WHABAM! March 15, 2005
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The idea that a noogy is rubbing someone on the head is incorrect that is a dutch rub. Anyone who has ever watched Classic Saturday night live knows that a noogy is given by making a fist and extending the knuckle of the middle finger so it sticks out a bit then rapping someone on top of the head with it. This from the classic bits where Bill Murray and Gilda Radner played nerdy schoolkids.
Dude1: What's the matter?
Dude2: that ass Bobby just got a running jump and gave me a flying atomic noogy. I think I might have a concussion.
by Kermit the Bear September 05, 2005
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when someone scratches another being on the head and usually messes up their hair.
Paul gave Caroline a noogy she was very mad, but laughed in spite of herself.
by Caroline Goldsmithers December 17, 2004
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Another term used for a rim-job.
Ew... why would someone want to give a noogy? That would taste like poop.
by ArchieHughes May 30, 2005
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