a new person to something; add on of noob/new/newplayer
Counter-strike: What a fucken noobian, he is seriuosly cluesless...
by Paul Anthony Morgan June 24, 2003
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another term for noob, n00b etc.
Particularly insulting in star wars games
hahahaLOL blasters are suxor noobian
by Arrow January 10, 2005
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A noob in the world of Star Wars or a person from the planet Noob.
*You're at a Star Wars convention and you see someone who is using the wrong lightsaber for their character they are dressed up as, You Say:*

"LOL look at the noobian, NICE LIGHTSABER NOOBIAN"
by LOLOLAWLIN March 11, 2009
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1) A somewaht mythical group of creatures that rape people in the backwoods. They look like people but more fucked up.
"Oh my God it's an alien!!!!"

"No, it's noobians!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I think I'm gonna throw up!!!!!!!!"
by C. Fizoltz October 14, 2007
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Another term for Noob. Someone who thinks he is a really good gamer but is not.
"Man you're such a noobian princess!"
"Oh, look at the noobian princess get all upset."
"Oh Bill, he's just a noobian princess."
by Wildstar January 21, 2006
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A girlfriend who despite her undisputed good looks, has absolutely no other redeeming features.

Especially apparent by a lack of cognitive or reasoning ability.
Girlfriend: "Uhhh, like you know, I think evolution is totally bogus and Britney is great".
Boyfriend: "Oh my god, you're such a Noobian Princess".
by Minato-ku Cat July 3, 2010
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