a "non offensive minor-attracted person"

which is a pedophile, no matter how they dress it up
Jim is a NOMAP. Jim was "talking" to his nephew, and now Jim is in jail.
by sortofpink February 25, 2018
Basically a pedo who wont fuck
"A non offending minor attracted person"
A: wtf is a nomap
B: A cute way of saying a pedo who won't fuck a kid
by tplmi May 5, 2019
"non-offensive minor attracted person."

A subgroup of individuals who are attracted to minors minors: people under the legal age, typically 18 years of age, who put measures into place so to avoid legal offenses involving minors as their victims. These people may be otherwise referred to blindly as pedophiles, although that definition is less considerate of these persons' unfortunate attractive dispositions in our societies.
A: Is that guy a pedophile?
B: No, well, they're a nomap.
by acapla December 30, 2022
It's a pedo its a fucking pedo. NoMaps are fucking Gross ass pedos
hey I'm a NoMap it won't fuck kids but I will lose a good 6-5 whole ass buckets of NUT to there family photos.
by Nig-joe-man January 16, 2020
Non-offensive Minor Attracted Person

It’s pedophilia. It’s Illegal. Just because you dress it up all fancy doesn’t mean you aren’t going to jail.
An Idiot: I’m a NOMAP, this is discrimination, stop hating on me for my sexual identity
Smart people: Shut up youre a pedophile
by Amgoosehönk July 19, 2021
A "Non offending minor attracted person". Basically a cute way of saying "pedophile who refuses to get mental help" or "pedophile who hasn't been caught yet". NoMAPs can be found in loli hentai forums or CP sites because most of them believe that jacking of to children doesn't make them as bad as being an "actual" pedos.
B: What is a NoMAP?
A: A fancy way of saying pedo.
B: Ew, NoMAPs need mental help.
A: Agreed.
by D4xx3l_0999 December 13, 2021
Unlike their aweful promap counterparts, MOST of these guys just stay away from kids like good people, some often lie about being nomaps and are subbed to cp. they are promaps,
"Dude jake the Nomap became a pro map!!!" "Screw him"
by az09u09 September 25, 2020