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The state of being desirable to nom on. Delicious; sexually pleasing.
Mmmmm, hummus is so nomable - I think I'll nom on some right now, om nom nom.

Damn Anu is nomable!
by secshunayt December 25, 2008
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1) worthy of a name; deserving the distinction of category or title

2) extremely tempting and delicious; capable of being devoured ravenously and ecstatically, esp in a figurative sense
1) I shall bequest unto this nomable expanse the appellation "Bobcat Flats."

2) I await the challenge to find any part of your body that is not nomable, Lady Gaga.
by pwinz May 02, 2010
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A words to describe a particularly handsome man, the man being that attractive he gets your mouth watering a little. Just the thought of getting a taste of him gets your blood pumping, thats someone who's nomable.
Even just a glance of his bum gets my blood pumping, or those eyes, and gosh what a smile, he's so nomable
by nomemmanom January 28, 2011
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An animal cute enough to make humans want to (figuratively) "nom nom nom" (nibble) on it.
Lookit, lil buns sooooooo nomable!

(Translation: Your baby bunny is really cute. Can I cuddle with it?)
by Watershellin June 25, 2008
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(noun) a word used in substitute of "food", usually used in reference to particularly tasty food or food that the person really likes. The word is often followed by an exclamation of "omnomnom!"
-comes from the word "nom" (verb), the sound of eating especially yummy food.
-(see nomable)
Person 1: "I'm so hungry!"
Person 2: "Here have some nomables!"
Person 1: "Yay! Cookies! OMNOMNOM!"
by Daughter of the Stars November 27, 2010
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