Teacher: Alex What Is Pi
Me: Pie Nom Nom Nom Nom
by James Runston December 10, 2008
Munchies when your high.
OMG! Carmello! Nom nom nom Muchies weed hungry tastey maryjane pot hippie snackscarmello blunt joint
by Lionessnire November 4, 2014
The sound Jaws makes when he eats something.
Woman: (screaming in agony) "Ahhhhhhh!"
Jaws: "Nom nom nom"
by whoeffingcares August 29, 2010
The feeling of consuming something pleasing, expressed in a scribed sound effect.

Originally heard in the game, "Team Fortress 2" as the Heavy class enjoys a sandvich (this is the correct spelling within TF2 due to the Heavy class' accent) all the while saying, "Nom nom nom..." while he consumes it to gain life.
"Nom nom nom... Sandvich is delicious!"

also, "Nom nom nom... Sandvich makes me strong." -Heavy

"Nom nom nom... Balony is perfect fuel for killing tiny cowards!!!" -Heavy

Can be used in an appropriate image file with only the caption, "Nom nom nom"
by 2FortForever September 8, 2009
The exact sound of chowing down food.
"NOM NOM NOM…this tofurkey sandwich is freakin' awesome dude…NOM NOM NOM"
by Juanita Von Mendazarro August 25, 2009
A sound/noise one makes whilst enjoying performing oral sex on a female.
"Shit!..This pussehh taste guuurd!..NOM NOM NOM!"
by pussy.com January 10, 2010