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the indestructable phone
Kid: Dad, can I get a new phone

Dad: Yes, once your old one is broken

Kid: But I have a Nokia 3310, I can't break it

Dad: Too bad, trololol
by SomeGuyWithNoLife March 8, 2016
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An indestructible device, used as a nuclear weapon. It can survive up to 3 decades on 1% battery also it has its own nuclear reactor. One of the only lethal weapons that don't require a licence. It has a flashlight which you can use to torture people. It can outlive you. You cannot destroy it, it has its own gravity force, you can use it as a pickaxe, axe, shovel, sword and anything else. The vibration feature can be used to cause earthquakes. Also, you can play snake on it.
The Nokia 3310 cannot be used in a sentence. It's just too great.
by Chr1s_56 November 3, 2017
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The Nokia 3310 is clearly better than any smartphone/iPhone that has ever existed. Internet legend says that the Nokia 3310 is used to break down doors, crack open coconuts, self-defence and breaking people's faces during a robbery. The Nokia 3310 is also used in London to stop trains and double-decker buses from colliding. Buying the 3310 (instead of the IP7) can also save you 9 months' worth of fresh chicken, giving you a lot of protein and a lot of strength. Internet Legend also says that it can be used for pleasuring oneself with its vibrating feature.
(1) Sup m8.
(2) Heeeeey! Check out my new iPhone 7 plus

(2) Wh-what's wrong with that?...

(1)You bought something worth 10 times your grocery bill. DO YOU NOT WANT TO BUY CHICKEN AND FEED, AND PROTECT YOURSELF?! WHY NOT BUY THE NOKIA 3310?!
(2) but it's shiny and it's got cool apps like iMovie...
(1) Son, listen. You need to check the internet more often. The 3310 beats your iPhone in every way. It's surface is harder than the cement that was used to create the Empire State Building!!
(2) but...
(1) Throw it into the trash. NOW.
(2) but mom said...
(1) JUST DO IT !!!
(2) kk
by ThenewURL January 16, 2017
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A legendary mobile phone made by Nokia which is indestructible.
I threw my Nokia 3310 at the dog that chased me.
by itdoesn'tevenmatter April 5, 2019
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An indestructible weapon too brutal for war. It has been banned in all countries worldwide. Throwing it, dropping it, it is illegal.
You can't break it, it never runs out of battery, you can use it as a throwable atomic bomb. Has enough power to become a nuclear reactor
Kid: haha throw nokia 3310 go brrrrrr
Me: Where did you throw it?
Kid: at your house, why???
Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *my house blows up*
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A brick that can both break the ground, and answer phone calls.
Your Nokia 3310 broke my floor!
by iwasgroundedforsayingfrick January 14, 2018
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The best phone to ever exist because it is indestructible. It was my first ever phone, which I got at 9 years old. In fact, it is in my left hand right now.
Me: *uses imagination*
Jocks: Hah u got a Nokia 3310
Me: *breaks their iPhone 11*
Jocks: *attempt to break mine, fail and cry like a baby*
Me: I'm as tough as Nokia!
by LegitimateUD January 14, 2020
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