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A Swedish luxury high-performance car manufacturer, founded in 1994. They make some of the fastest street-legal production cars in the world, but produce less than 150 cars per year.

Their total model lineup consists of the following cars:
1996 CC Prototype
2002 CC8S
2004 CCR
2006 CCX
2007 CCGT race car
2007 CCXR

2009 CCXR Trevita
2009 Quant Concept
2010 Agera
2011 Agera R
2012 Agera S
2014 One:1 (based off the Agera)
2015 Agera RS (world speed record)
2015 Regera
2016 Koenigsegg Agera Final Edition (FE)
2016 Regera Aero Package
"In 2017 the Koenigsegg Agera RS became the world's fastest production car, averaging 277.9 mph (447 km/h), beating the previous record of the Bugatti Veyron which reached 267 mph."
by ThenewURL December 28, 2018
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I got one question for you, buddy.

Why ARE you looking at this?!
Isn't it what you know it is?

Isn't it POINTLESS??!!
Why'd they put a gate for a lawn that isn't barred?!
by ThenewURL August 31, 2016
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The Nokia 3310 is clearly better than any smartphone/iPhone that has ever existed. Internet legend says that the Nokia 3310 is used to break down doors, crack open coconuts, self-defence and breaking people's faces during a robbery. The Nokia 3310 is also used in London to stop trains and double-decker buses from colliding. Buying the 3310 (instead of the IP7) can also save you 9 months' worth of fresh chicken, giving you a lot of protein and a lot of strength. Internet Legend also says that it can be used for pleasuring oneself with its vibrating feature.
(1) Sup m8.
(2) Heeeeey! Check out my new iPhone 7 plus

(2) Wh-what's wrong with that?...

(1)You bought something worth 10 times your grocery bill. DO YOU NOT WANT TO BUY CHICKEN AND FEED, AND PROTECT YOURSELF?! WHY NOT BUY THE NOKIA 3310?!
(2) but it's shiny and it's got cool apps like iMovie...
(1) Son, listen. You need to check the internet more often. The 3310 beats your iPhone in every way. It's surface is harder than the cement that was used to create the Empire State Building!!
(2) but...
(1) Throw it into the trash. NOW.
(2) but mom said...
(1) JUST DO IT !!!
(2) kk
by ThenewURL January 16, 2017
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'-_-' is an internet 'type up' emoticon that has a few meanings.
People usually say that '-_-' represents a sign of disgust but it can also be a face that represents tire over someone who you find cringy or annoying online.
May also represent extreme suspicion over a particular subject. '-_-'s little brother is '-.-' which could shows even more suspicion.
Primary usage

P1: Lol did you see Brad's profile pic? He just dropped 15 pounds!

P2: Slim, eh?
P1: Uh, yeah?
P2: Lol
P1: What?
P2: Have you ever thought about what gets destroyed in this universe, and how it gets destroyed?
P1: Uhhhhhh
P2: You're telling me he's so thin that he doesn't exist, creating a vacuum in space... our world is in danger...
P1: Wow dude, just WOOOOW... -_-
by ThenewURL January 17, 2017
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Informal} Someone who is always angry or snappy, grumpy, more on the negative side.
<P1>Don't be such an egg, my friend.
<Egg> Oh just shut up, why can't you act in your normal ways?!
<P1> Ah, the good times...
by ThenewURL April 16, 2016
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Don't trust the Urban Dictionary for definitions of words, they are not a very good source of information.
by ThenewURL December 7, 2015
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