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A combination of cringey and last seasons reebok trainers. Doing something 'noggy' is something one would want to avoid.

This use of the word 'noggy' is regular amongst the 'boots crew' of Shrewsbury, in Shropshire.
That kid is so noggy

What a nog

Those shoes are so noggy
by macaloblob March 08, 2016
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A biccy boo bigging it with the wikki woo. YO!
Damn that is one badass noggy-wizzle crog crog!
by Charles Of Nazereth December 21, 2004
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A person who cries over everything and is ridiculously annoying, therefore you have to be very careful around these creatures because one single insult will make them burst out crying. Filled from head to toe with eggnog and say things like "I beet you up!" and "ARE YOU SERIOUS!"
by idkDude;'. January 08, 2017
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English public school for turds. Also used to describe Korean soldiers during the Korean war.
'I say Molesworth, you've left noggies floating in the lav'
by David from Kingsbury November 03, 2003
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an affectionate name for the female genital area. Can be shortened to 'Nog'. Used in a similar vain to 'pussy' or 'fanny'.
My noggy is itching, my noggy is sore etc etc
by bucksman67 August 28, 2009
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