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nut + goggles = noggles

it is similar to "teabagging" someone. more specifically, it is the act of dropping your scrotum onto someone's eyes, resting a testicle in the recess of each eye socket. thus creating the effect of wearing "nut goggles" or "noggles".
can be used as a noun or a verb:

noun: "please impress upon me, your mad set of noggles."

verb: "i beat him in chess and following the game, i noggled him in celebration."
by Brett 'moleman' Molitor January 16, 2004
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Used to give a momentarily warning to others that you are about to hit them in the nuts.
Victim: "Hey dude whats up?"
Victimizer: "NOGGLE!!"
by Chad December 07, 2004
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Verb. To tickle someones wiener (not your own).
Bro #1: Dude I totally got with that girl last night.
Bro #2: Really? So you actually did it?
Bro #1: Nah she just noggled me. That still counts right.
Bro #2: Absolutely not.
by Drew Rivers January 24, 2011
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To round off the heads of nuts, bolts, screws, or the tool used. Commonly happens when you use the wrong tool for the job!
Damnit son use the 3/16's not the Crescent, you'll noggle the bolts!
by Lord Shadowstar (^Gecko^) June 03, 2004
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(Nog-gels) Noun. When you lightly tap your nuts, not hard enough to hurt but enough to scare you.
When a skater fails at a stunt and his board just grazes his nuts he might say "Ahhhh noggles!"
by Thief DoD July 15, 2009
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1. A blow job in which the Noggler licks or sucks mainly on the balls or nuts region.

2. A ravashing and wild blow job in which, while being performed you might actually hear the Noggler say a gargalled word that comes out as "Noggle".
" Noggle my nuts bitch"
" You ordered a garden salad Gregg? your such a Noggler"
" Damn...look at that girl shes a noggler for sure"
by Austin-n-Andy April 08, 2008
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