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Slang term for binoculars.

From Brad Neely of The Professor Brothers.
I'll tell you who survives. The T.A. that remembers to bring our nocs to the crossroads.
by iMax_ December 24, 2007
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Madgrad some onto the forum and starts in with his latest emo post about trying to harpoon some whale. Everyone else replies: NOC
by Claydolf October 27, 2003
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Network Operations Center. This is the place that is responsible for the network and its maintenance.
The network is broken.
Call the NOC, they'll fix it.
Awesome Possum, those guys rule.
by Lmbc2 April 26, 2004
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Non-Official Cover. CIA operatives without diplomatic status, i.e. secret agents. See "The Recruit"
Who's there?
Bond who?
James Bond.
by mirvdogg October 12, 2003
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NOC - Names Of Clients. When a business is creating a list of clients, they are building their NOC List.
Priya - What are you guys upto?

Mild - We are working on our NOC list.

Priya - Are you spies?

Mild - No, NOC means Names of Clients.

Priya - Cool, but that never answered my question! Are you guys spies?
by mildmanneredmedia January 18, 2012
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