The Boston subway system. Represents the triumph of fuzzy logic, or something, because it does not actually stand for any single word. Cambridge Seven Associates thought it up in the early 1960s when the state hired them to design graphics for the then new MBTA. Their goal was to come up with something as recognizable as a cross that also evoked the idea of transit, transportation, tunnel, etc.

There are four lines: Red (because it used to end at Harvard, whose color is crimson); Blue (it runs along the ocean); Green (it goes to the leafy suburbs of Brookline and Newton) and Orange (because it used to run above what was once known as Orange Street).

You'll sometimes hear references to the Purple Line (collectively all the commuter lines) and the Silver Line (a fancy-shmancy bus line that the T pretends is as good as a subway, running along the route of the old Orange Line elevated).
Take the redline on the T from alewife to parkstreet, then change to the greenline at parkstreet until you get to Kenmore for Fenway Park.
by wickedNH February 06, 2004
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An incredibly humiliating and demeaning yet fulfilling sexual position that creates a T like shape. To perform the T, said female partner, must lay face up on a stiff surface, then her loving thankful partner mounts her face in a perpendicular manner, forcefully entering the oral cavity repeatedly with his penis. This allows for surprise esophageal insemination and the freedom for the male to stay preoccupied, such as watching television, playing video games, or watching porn to compensate for standards not met in the experience
I gave my girlfriend the T for the first time last night. She broke up with me this morning.
by Smoka-bowla September 07, 2009
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A term used by the early gay community circa 1970-1989 that indicated some one was the "T"alk of the "T"own, hence the "T". The term was often used by female impersonators to describe a fellow impersonator that did an exceptionally good job on stage in a live lip syncipated performance which was talked about in the gay circles for long periods of time. The term grew to define any memorable person whos actions were or would soon be largely talked about in the gay circles. Also a person who was popular in the gay comunity would be talked about may have been refered to as The "T"

Mary, did you see Miss things Patty Labelle performance last night? She P'd on stage! She was the "T" last night!

Girl friend, that party you threw was fabulous, the way you have your new apartment decorated is the deal and that new husband of yours is to die for! You are the T!
by Moca Loca June 17, 2006
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The most unreliable, dirty, loud, inconvenient mass transportation system in North America. Boston runs abound with drunken college students every single night, yet the T stops running at 12:15 AM. Very smart. Green Line stops every 10 feet, Orange Line harbors muderers, Blue Line trains are older than your parents, and the Red Line... well just try getting an Alewife train at 11:50 PM.
Fuck, I missed class because of the T.
by Thomas Menino November 19, 2005
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The emote of someone giving the finger. Used as a calm, non-nutritive reply to a troll, (usually on a MMO/MMORPG)or just something to piss people off. Whether a _ or a . is used for the mouth is completely optional.
~xXNonTrollFeedahXx:wtf man
~BobbyJoe56: fuck that lol *trollface*
~xXNonTrollFeedahXx: t(-_-t) or t(-.-t)
~BobbyJoe56: . . .
by xXEmoteQueenXx January 18, 2011
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It's the new emoticon! It stands for look of intense studying. It's when someone is studying something intently. The lines on the top stand for eyebrows, the parenthesis stand for eyes and the | lines in between stand for the pupils. It's a serious emoticon. Mostly used by those who study a lot and/or like studying. It means they're studying.
Person A: How's it going?
Person B: is studying intently (T)_(T) Fine. Don't worry if I don't answer right away, I'm studying.
Person A: O.K. so what else is new?
*two minutes later
Person B: Nothing much. (T)_(T) I'm studying. Studying is fun!
by HawaiianPunch1 January 10, 2013
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