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when there is no chance something will happen - theres no way the idea is GOing anywhere.
Friend 1: you want to go get a beer with john after work?
Friend 2: thats a no go, john is a total wacko.
by deepster June 27, 2006
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something or someone that should be avoided by all cost
Guy 1; bro, i wanna hit jerome's sister
Guy 2; bruh! thats a no go, jerome is gonna kill your ass

Guy 1; lets go over to big jimmy's place
Guy 2; bro, thats a no go zone, unless you wanna regret it...
by boom_shakalaka January 08, 2015
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Slang term for North Chicago, a northern suburb of Chicago in Lake County. Also known as the No, or Nogo town. Next to Wauk-town, which is next to Z-town.
"The Nogo is a sorry fucking city." (I still rep my city no matter how fucked up it is)-Nogo 4 life.
by nogoboy October 12, 2005
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1.) when you are not prepared
2.) your officer says you can't go

Griff:" You are no go soldier! Don't you know that gun control means holding it with two hands!
by J Do May 20, 2008
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When one of your mates pretends a topic or location is off limits but in reality they're welcoming you to take part.
Lads, Diarmo said his gaff is a no go. Free gaff Diarmo's! #FGD
by Primaries101 January 08, 2015
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to get no go'd, you must like someone. if you ask if they like you and they say no, then GO.
Aaniyah: Hey, do you still like him?
Kai: No. I got No Go'd.
Morgan: Aw she No Go'd.
Mandy: That's tuff.
by ZALGO! October 09, 2018
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Meaning the deal didn't happen. It could also mean that something is not working or simply "no ".
Brett: Hey bro , is the party going down tonight?

Jimmy: Its a No Go bro, no chicks in sight.

Brett: Damn. Let's go back to college to get that pungtang

Jimmy, it's a No Go bro, I need the money to pay off student loans
Brett: damn
by Defining Life Over Here November 21, 2013
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