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wen a girls pussy s so bushed you cant even find your way around. it stinks like fish 2!
that damn kel-c, she gots da katyjane disease!
by Terrell October 13, 2003
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da dirty south is just like the east and west coast cuz people act the same,dress the same in da south as in da east and west coasts. the only difference is that people down there have an accent other than that its the same i know cuz i lived down there for a minute in alabama but im not from down there. its the hood in da south like everywhere else jus go and see for yourself. its mostly black people down south anyway so you know its the same.what people need to do is go down there and check out them girls bootays down there ass fat like whoa!
like when i was in birmingham hempheights projects i saw this dude get killed for 2 dollars true story.and that aint the only thing i saw i saw alot of gats blast.
by Terrell August 31, 2004
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an insult used as a quick comeback
Terrell:kevins mom is so fat she got stuck in the grand canyon
kevin:shut up jerk ass
by Terrell February 24, 2005
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Go-Go is a type of music that originated in Washington DC, consisting of strong drum beats and loose feel instrumentals with often sampled vocals it has so roots in reggae
Junkyard band, Northeast Groovers, Rare Essence
by Terrell February 19, 2005
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