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A very pretty girl who can be a great friend, but cross her and she'll be a huge bitch. She needs emotional support and someone to depend on but it's all worth it because she will always make you smile.
Dude 1: DAYUMMM!! Look at that hot peice of ass!

Dude 2: Yup that's a total Aaniyah!
by Snowflake5500 May 18, 2013
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Aaniyah is a gorgeous girl, but she but she doesn’t know it. She’s not afraid to tell anyone about her bs. When aaniyah gets mad you bet run! She’s loyal. But if you lose her trust there’s no gaining it back . She doesn’t play about family. You’ll fuck around and die if you mess with her loved ones. No joke . Either ride or die aaniyah is sensitive. Aaniyah has a lot of boys that like her, even though it doesn’t seem like it. Aaniyah will give you her heart , even if she doesn’t have it herself. Aaniyah is a real like rider no matter what, but if you back stab her then your fucked
Aaniyah is sweet once you get to know her
by Dattkiddcc February 19, 2019
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An amazing and beautiful person but don't get on her bad side or else it won't be pretty. Although she has a bad side she has a good ass too. If you have an Aaniyah as your girlfriend i suggest u keep her she is loyal asf and keeps her boyfriends. She also might have a friend named Brianna
Dude #1: Bro look she's beautiful, that must be an Aaniyah

Dude #2: Look at that ass

Dude #1: That most definitely must be an aaniyah
by Pony22 July 22, 2018
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