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1. A phrase meant to show you are completely serious. Heart and soul are involved.

2. To be positive, Unquestionable, Absolute.

3. To reach a goal or conclusion.
She asked if I would consider dating him again and I replied, "It's, all the way the hell, over."

My goal is to climb Mount Rushmore and I'm going, all the way the hell, to the top.
by LaRhettie April 04, 2013
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1. Phrase uses to indicate one would be willing to have sexual intercourse with a female.

2. Phrase used to imply sarcasm towards a female. Another way to say big deal.
1. What you think about that girl over there? Pootie do or pootie don't?

2. She's walking around bragging about working out for, a grand total of, one day. Pootie do!! Real lifestyle makeover.
by LaRhettie May 18, 2013
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