gg nubs. no re
by Paul December 18, 2003
An ironically retarded way to refer to someone as being or acting retarded.
Hey man, look at that re re over there spinning around in circles!
by cool4dude April 29, 2005
Shorter form of the insult "Retarded Retard".
Used mainly by Clerks fans.
No honestly, it looks like it was put together by a Re-Re!
someone who is retard, or acting retarded
Jessika, you're such a re re.
Hey! Don't be a re re.
by idk October 29, 2004
You see that boy right there?


Well I heard he's Re-Re
by AC November 27, 2003
Short for retard/retarded. Also a word for someone stupid.
Kid Vicious: What did one re-re say to the other re-re?
Marty: What?
Kid Vicious: Marty's a re-re.
Marty: Haha, good one.
by Kid Vicious My Love January 9, 2006
1. A classic "boxel" saying.
2. The retarded form of the word retarded.
1. Dude, yer such a re-re.

2. You suck at life you stupid re-re.
by booshmaster May 10, 2003