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A child that from a very early age is dressed like a punk rocker by his/her parents. The parents themselves are usually punk rockers themselves, And most of the time the child will also adopt a "punk" attitude and spit on other kids and get in brawls with its peers, This term is also a reference to Sid Vicious The legendary bass player of the Sex Pistols.

A: Did you see Duane and Corey's son Clash?

B; You mean the kid with the studded pants and the ripped shirt that spit on another kid?

A; Yeah thats him. He is a regular little Kid Vicious!
by Dylan Prosser March 03, 2009
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Is the nickname of Benji Madden of the band Good Charlotte; nicknamed after Sid Vicious.
Kid Vicious aka Benji Madden, is the lead guitarist/backup singer of the band Good Charlotte.
by Riot Girl May 08, 2005
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