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Lead guitarist for the progressive rock band King Crimson. Also an innovator of ambient music with his system called Frippertronics. This man made guitar a symphonic instrument and is sorrily un-appreciated.
That kick-ass music sounds like something Robert Fripp would play.
by David J. Hernandez May 29, 2005

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A drummer who played with two of progressive rock's giants: Yes and King Crimson. He is also accomplished in jazz and fusion, as evidenced by his solo work in his band Bruford. He is known for his distinct snare sound and his crazy syncopations and polyrhythms.
Nobody is in the same league with Bill Bruford. He is just too damn good.
by David J. Hernandez June 07, 2005

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A keyboard company that pioneered early polyphonic synthesizers.
I want an Oberheim, but they are going for 2K on eBay. Who the fuck can afford that shit?
by David J. Hernandez May 22, 2005

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An analog synthesizer with 3 oscillators, a pitch wheel, and a modulation wheel. The ultimate monophonic keyboard.
Geddy Lee, Rick Wakeman, and Jan Hammer had Minimoogs. Keith Emerson had one too, but he didn't really need it; he had a Big Moog.
by David J. Hernandez May 22, 2005

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A virtuosic progressive keyboard player who played for the Strawbs and Yes, most notably. He is a classically trained pianist and is wanted by Kurt Cobain (as stated in Journals) to write the soundtrack for a progressive rock movie.
It would be cool if they made a Rick Wakeman action figure.
by David J. Hernandez May 22, 2005

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short for "no mormons". Used against LDS students throughout the west because they get preferential treatment in schools.
Joey: There goes a mormon!

Joey and Clive: NO MO!!

Sheltered mormon kid: Huh?
by David J. Hernandez May 24, 2005

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