someone who dosent work and has no friends except online.
Rehmeyer is such a no lifer.
by jenfs October 5, 2007
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Somebody who devotes their life to one specific activity because they have absolutely nothing better to do in their spare time. One such example is somebody who plays video games more than 12 hours a day because they have nothing better to do. No activity is exempt from this though, and video games can't be singled out, this applies to sports, outdoor activities, etc...
no_lifer: You have no life. All you do is play video games.
other_guy: No, I have other things I can do. I just choose to play video games.
no_lifer: Well what about me. All I have to do with my life is play football? I'm not a no lifer. I have friends.
other_guy: Actually, you don't have a life. Just having friends and spending your time playing sports doesn't mean you automatically have a life.
by videogameplayer January 16, 2011
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Someone who has over 1000 posts on a message board.
You've been on dogbomb so long, I'm sure you're a no lifer.
by Jay See July 21, 2003
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Someone who attempts to ruin other peoples lives, for a living (i.e. no life), because it is the only way they can gain emotional power or control in their own life.
People who sue or nag you; just because they can (no lifer).

Parents/Gaurdians who take away everything (friends, cell phones, allowances) so that they can feel like they have authority over your life.
by Love Ya Newb <3 January 31, 2009
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Someone who updates twitter / facebook / their personal blog (WTF, who owns these? we don't care what you think!) practically every moment, detailing EVERY SINGLE event that happened in their day.

So you're trying to prove to us that you have a life...but you honestly don't. We don't care what you're doing.
A: -twitters- MM, I'm hungry.
A: -twitters- YUM going to starbucks now!
A: -facebooks- Going to my boyfriends now!
A: -twitters later- Giving my bf a bj! GTG!

We don't care. x_X Stupid no lifer.
by Pocketful of Sunshine March 27, 2010
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A best friend that will always have your back that will stick with you to the day you die
Andi and Ava our for lifers
by Brie best friend June 25, 2021
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A Navy acronym (Lazy, Inefficient Fucker Expecting Retirement) used to describe someone who does as little as humanly possible and is just waiting to collect his or her pension.
"That O'Hara is such a fucking lifer. He's so lazy, I bet it's an effort for him to turn in his sleep. Jesus! That fucker moves so slowly you have to look twice just to see if he's moving at all!"

"You're telling me. I heard he's so lazy he married a woman who was pregnant by someone else."
by Jay E. Griffin April 5, 2008
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