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An insult referring to armys who use overused memes/jokes/nicknames relating to BTS or exhibiting koreaboo behaviour by using romanized hangul unironically. Equivalent to the awkward teenage phase many people experience. The name "no jams" comes from an overused BTS-related meme "Jimin, you got no jams"
normal army: "Wow Jin looks so handsome"
no jams: "Omo look at princess Jin"
by BriTanySnow June 05, 2018
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“no-jams” (pronounced like it looks) is a derogatory term for members of the BTS fandom (known collectively as ARMY) that act out of pocket and perpetuate old BTS memes and stereotypes about the members.

The term itself comes from a very popular clip of BTS leader RM (Kim Namjoon) telling another BTS member Jimin (Park Jimin) that he had “no jams”, a nonsensical phrase that instantly became popular with ARMY for its weirdness. Over time, as with many memes, it became overused, and now ARMY uses the term to reference other ARMY who act cringy when discussing the members.

The term isn’t widely used by many K-ARMY or even I-ARMY for that matter, but it is most popular with American ARMY on Twitter, and occasionally Instagram.

You can identify “no-jams” if they believe RM can’t walk two feet without breaking something, that Suga has no feelings, or any other widely inaccurate and overused stereotypes of the members of BTS.
“Hey, did you see this tweet by @clumsynamjoonoppa?: ‘kekeke there joon goes again breaking lamps keke don’t let him hold the awards he might break them’”
“Ugh, that’s such a no-jams thing to say.”
by grumpyinspace June 12, 2018
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No Fun
While she was at my party, she rudely said, "OMG, this party is no-jam."
by luvinqs January 26, 2016
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unfunny, cringey people (usually armys) that live in a world where time is nonexistent and make jokes that are dead
example 1:
girl 1: i wanna be mutuals with @....
girl 2: you dont shes a no jam

example 2:
normal army: wow jungkook looks really attractive here
no jam: oh my jin IKR jungkook oppa is so hot thats why hes my bias
normal army: oh ok my bias is jimin
by basicname June 11, 2018
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if someone says they're gonna do something (normally as a joke) and then you say "no jam" it means they have to do it.
chris - man i should tottaly go pants the principal

james: no jam!

chris- fuuuck man! now i have to!
by dudeimakickyoass March 30, 2011
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