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A lazy feeling or impatience towards a specific task or activity.

"Hos" = a combination of patience, energy, and will.
(thinking about a project)
"I have no hos for this."

-"Do you want to go to tonight's frat party?"
-"no hos"
by davoood December 04, 2011
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One that DOES NOT get hoes in any way shape form or hoe. This person cannot get hoes no matter what and will go to hell because they are not hoe ascended. NOHOES!
Bruhh i just took this dudes chick! (basedgod) damn he was NoHoes!
by (basedhoejesus) January 30, 2011
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abbr. north hollywood.

known as the pornography capitol of the US. also known for the infamous north hollywood bank robbery.
you gonna go to noho today?
by jujubee May 17, 2004
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Northhampton, Massachusetts.

A community renowned as a home for practitioners of alternative lifestyles and befuddled liberal pseudo-intellectuals with Ph.D's in disciplines such as Social Welfare Theory, Feminist Studies, and Marxist Political Economy, most of whom lecture at the many colleges in Amherst, MA.
Aging Hippie: Fight soulless, profit-mongering international corporations! Fair trade! Living wage! Coca-Cola kills kittens!
Sociology student: Hey, Professor! (Hands Starbucks cup) Here's your Caramel Macchiatto!
Aging hippie: WHERE'S MY BISCOTTI???
by Brent May 17, 2004
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In Manhattan, New York City, New York Noho is the area North of Houston Street.
I just got this kickin apartment in Noho.
by David Maurio May 17, 2004
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Short for "Northampton" as in Northampton Massachusetts, a artsy, college town about 90 miles west of Boston. Its a local term coined after the city became a haven for artists, mimicing "SoHo" in NYC.
I'm going over to Noho to pick up some chinese food, and maybe look in that new art gallery that opened.
by K-Car Tuner May 17, 2004
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