She's not a whore she's just has a lot of dod
by Urrealname November 19, 2014
Dorito overdose. To enter a Dorito induced coma or die from the over-consumption of Doritos.
Isobel had a DOD at the Super Bowl party tonight and has been in a Dorito-induced coma for the past hour.
by azbybxc January 13, 2019
Which includes the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves.
I served in the U.S. DOD for 15 years.
by Plumberry September 7, 2005
Dick Of Death. What you give a girl that you have been wanting to nail for a long time, usually resulting in the girl lacking desire for sex for a while because you literally killed the pussy.
Dude, that blonde bombshell from the gym came home with me Saturday night and I gave her the DOD in every orifice. After I jizzed in her mouth, she just laid there like a zombie.
by TWON February 24, 2004
Dick on Demand. Acronym used by military females to describe a guy (military or civilian) that is only good for one He is not someone to date, take home to mom, or build a future with. Using the acronym appropriately will allow females to talk about the man while making it sound work related.
The DOD made me work overtime last night. Thankfully I didn't have to get up early for PT.

Thank goodness for the DOD! I got paid last night!

Im going to have to quit the DOD! Too much drama!
by Sunshine Kandi November 15, 2010
Dead on Desk...shorthand reference to NYC workerbee found 3 days after he died with his face down on his desk.
I have a killer deadline to meet this week so knock on my office door to make sure I'm not DOD!
by PagePro September 8, 2009
Depth of Discharge (DOD) is the amount that a battery is run down to before it is put back on charge
Try to keep deep DOD cycles to a minimum
by ppopopp May 13, 2007