Which includes the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves.
I served in the U.S. DOD for 15 years.
by Plumberry September 07, 2005
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Dorito overdose. To enter a Dorito induced coma or die from the over-consumption of Doritos.
Isobel had a DOD at the Super Bowl party tonight and has been in a Dorito-induced coma for the past hour.
by azbybxc January 13, 2019
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Dick Of Death. What you give a girl that you have been wanting to nail for a long time, usually resulting in the girl lacking desire for sex for a while because you literally killed the pussy.
Dude, that blonde bombshell from the gym came home with me Saturday night and I gave her the DOD in every orifice. After I jizzed in her mouth, she just laid there like a zombie.
by TWON February 24, 2004
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Dick on Demand. Acronym used by military females to describe a guy (military or civilian) that is only good for one He is not someone to date, take home to mom, or build a future with. Using the acronym appropriately will allow females to talk about the man while making it sound work related.
The DOD made me work overtime last night. Thankfully I didn't have to get up early for PT.

Thank goodness for the DOD! I got paid last night!

Im going to have to quit the DOD! Too much drama!
by Sunshine Kandi November 15, 2010
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A kid named XxThe_JokerxX on Urban Terror. Characterized by noobishness and an apparent lack of male genitalia.
oMG What a fucking DOD dude.
WOW kid, way to be a DOD.
by RICKY_J VAG December 05, 2008
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Dead on Desk...shorthand reference to NYC workerbee found 3 days after he died with his face down on his desk.
I have a killer deadline to meet this week so knock on my office door to make sure I'm not DOD!
by PagePro September 07, 2009
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