Yo you here NMG took out a whole GTA Lobby yesterday
by Mikester2467 July 04, 2018
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An acronym used when trying to combine "No" and "Oh my God."

Often times used in the process of trying to gossip really fast, and in an attempt to get your point across quicker, a sentence such as "No, Oh my God, listen to this..." becomes "No My God!"

A fairly new phrase that emerges once in a while while your mouth goes on auto-pilot and you start to get ahead of yourself.

Used to save breathe and time by eliminating that pesky word "oh."
Drew: So, yea I was standing in church and she comes up to me and starts to talk about random facial hair and coffee...

Aline: Really? That's what happened?

Kathy: NMG! You have no idea! It was weird.

Karen: You know we have a 10,000 point final tomorrow, right?

Brian: NMG! Are you serious??
by nomygod333 April 16, 2009
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“Not my girl
“He’s talking to a girl named nala too”
“Nah nmg
by Carrlylana July 25, 2018
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