Aline is a beautiful girl with a very caring soul. She will go out of her way just to help her friends and she is loyal AF. She looks like a model and everyone finds her irresistible. Aline is very pet friendly and is very likely to cry more with a movie of a dog dying than of an actual human dying. She is wifey material and is very good in bed. You are very lucky if you ever come across an Aline because she will get the best out from you and will make you laugh a LOT!
Omg she is so nice and pretty, she must be an Aline
by chocolattte1 January 12, 2021
An incredibly talented and caring person, an Aline is someone who is dependable, uplifting, and knows just what to say in any situation. While her brilliance is clear to those around her, she can sometimes doubt herself. She has a unique and hilarious personality, is extremely thoughtful, and will go out of her way to make sure you're happy, she makes an amazing friend. An Aline is someone you'd be lucky to have in your life because she brings out the best in those around her.
She's so nice! She must be an Aline :)
by LuckyLuke30 April 26, 2020
After 2 months of knowing her you learn a few things. She is a smart woman who loves with a big heart and is very hard working. Aline never believes me that I enjoy her meals, however I do and enjoy every bite. We aren't perfect people and aren't always on the same page, but when she is gone my mind is flooded with all of my memories of her and the fun we have together. We can act so goofy in front of each other and become so serious too, she is a great listener and has a sexy voice when she speaks. When those lips touch mine my heart melts like white chocolate. Her heart can't melt because it is made of gold, she is the type of person who will drop everything to help and do what is right. When I hear her history, I stop and think that she deserves so much more than what she has been dealt. I learned that if I am to spend everyday with somebody I choose this beautiful lady and the little ogre that comes with her.
Aline, happy two months and many more!!
by Phagemaster May 17, 2020
A nice person that loves herself
Person 1 I look so pretty today
Person 2 Oh shit that must be Aline
by Moneymoney11 November 30, 2018
A brazillian girl who is fiery and hot. She seems modest and nice at first, which she is, but deep down there is a spirit for revenge. She is pretty awesome teacher of Portuguese if I say so....
Person 1: Is it pronounced A-line?
Person 2: Hell nah, its Alineee
by Phagemaster March 23, 2020
an unbelievable hot, lovely, intelligent woman who knows what she wants.
Every man should cherish his Aline the way I cherish mine!
Aline is the best thing that could happen to me!
by DAPD8739 September 29, 2008
aline is a girl that everyone gets weird if you really get to now her,sometimes a aline could get so aggresive in a friendly way but then she could accually could hurt someones feelings. She could also be annoying at times but an Aline is not fake she will always with her friends. Even if you say something negitive to her she can say thank you but that always hurts her feelings.
negitive person: your very aggressive and mean

Aline:Thank you!
by denkikaminari April 4, 2020