whut whut
i need a joint
"i nizzle a jointizzle"

I Right 44 Zone On Two
I Rizzle 44 Zizzle On Tizzle

where my bitch
whizzle my bizzle

What What
Whizzle Whizzle

can yeah tell where white
by fo sheezy February 10, 2004
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No real meaning-created by Snoop to make words rhyme.
(With out)Ooh shit my nigga, I'm gone fuckin beat ass
(With) Ooh shizzle my nizzle, I'm gone fizzle bizzle your izlle
by Tiffany November 9, 2003
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a member of your "posse"; a friend of yours; your nigger
fo' shizzle, ma' nizzle
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When a person recieves head from his gf even though she's in a horrible mood and doesnt wanna do it but still is willing and then he purposely ejaculates on her face (most cases eyes) to make her more mad.
Dude! I did the nizzle with my gf last night and she broke up with me!
by 209teccatown July 9, 2011
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OK, it could mean "MY nigra," but try this... any time you see a word with 2 identical consonants, try all 5 vowels (and y) in place of it. Like :
nazzle (Todd Rundgren's first band was called "The Nazz")
nuzzle You see ? At least one of the vowels will be already taken !!
Another one :
dangle : tempt with an object tied on a string
dengle : undefined, perhaps something Chinese ?
dingle : this is defined, but I don't know what it is.. an ornament ?
dongle : a computer part
dungle : here's my definition : a small piece of dung that dangles from rectal hairs. A "dingleberry" is more appropriately a "dungleberry."
by Johnny Chingas May 10, 2004
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means nigga very offensive to our black race damn whites should not say that to a black dude that knows what that means
fo shizzle ma nizzle means fo sho my nigga only should be used by blacks
by nassoun October 11, 2006
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