nitty get down to the serious stuff. This 'stuff' could be work, fine details of a plan, or sex.
"Reet-o love, i`ve taken you out to the fancy restaurant tongiht. I`ve fed & watered you & we`ve had a reet grand neet.....are we gonna get down tert nitty gritty or av i just wasted twenty-five quid on you fer nowt?"
by Dr Fox May 8, 2007
According to "Nacho Libre" "nitty gritty" means to get down to the facts of life and really find out what your woman wants.
Nacho: lets get down to the nitty gritty
by RyanJones July 17, 2006
when someones face is all dried up and crispy...
guy 1 - your face is looking nitty gritty

guy2 - i know its because i have never applied cream to my facial area sorry

guy 1 - here have some of my cream (spunk)
by googenhiser July 10, 2009
When you put too much Nesquik chocolate syrup in your milk and it becomes so thick and gritty that you laugh when you try and drink it because your friend is sitting next to you yelling "I LOVE THE NITTY GRITTY"!!
Yo man hook me up with some of that nitty gritty. Recipe-2 cups milk
1 cup Nesquik syrup

the less you stir the the grittier it gets
by Jon Miller May 2, 2005
To get down and dirty, get in the muck of things.

It could refer to getting rough (verb), or it could be used as a description(adjective).
by iseepinkelefants January 25, 2009