A member of Anandtech and Porchtalk. An incessant Neffer who is funny, yet brutally honest sometimes.
Is that a nitemare in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
by CJ Yeah February 13, 2008
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nitemare yungsterjack david shawty #SFS
nitemare da best
by dp vita August 21, 2021
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Some dropkicks who made a youtube channel
Person 1: Hey do you watch nitemare?
Person 2: Nah i'm not trash
by nitemare321 August 8, 2018
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idiot, moron, anything not worth crapping on
the last source given for the definition dawg
by J January 20, 2003
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The act of having a nightmare.
The man awoke from his sleep after being nitemared.
by Mr.Nitemare April 5, 2011
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A black, wicked and demonic looking scarf on a website called Gaiaonline. It has a rough zig-zag-like appearance. Usually worn by only the wealthiest gaians.

Item Description: In your dream, a shadowy form crept up behind you and strangled you. The next morning, when you woke up... this scarf was around your neck. OMG!!! O_O
Dude: Gah! The price of the Nitemare Scarf is STILL TOO HIGH.

Vet: Haha, I have three scarfs.

Dude: Wow... Um donate?
by Maux Darkbrand May 1, 2009
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