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A black, wicked and demonic looking scarf on a website called Gaiaonline. It has a rough zig-zag-like appearance. Usually worn by only the wealthiest gaians.

Item Description: In your dream, a shadowy form crept up behind you and strangled you. The next morning, when you woke up... this scarf was around your neck. OMG!!! O_O
Dude: Gah! The price of the Nitemare Scarf is STILL TOO HIGH.

Vet: Haha, I have three scarfs.

Dude: Wow... Um donate?
by Maux Darkbrand May 1, 2009
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There are many proper definitions for the word riser.

As a noun.
1. A person who rises, esp. from bed: to be an early riser.

2. The vertical face of a stair step.

3. Any of a group of long boards or narrow platforms that can be combined in stepwise fashion: The choir stood on a horseshoe of risers behind the orchestra.

4. A vertical pipe, duct, or conduit.

5. Metallurgy. a chamber or enlarged opening at the top of a mold for allowing air to escape or adding extra metal.

As a adjective.
1. Advancing, ascending, or mounting.

2. Growing or advancing to adult years.

As an adverb.
1. Somewhat more than.

2. In approach of; almost; well-nigh.
Example for #3 as a noun: The choir stood on a horseshoe of risers behind the orchestra.

Example for #1 as a adjective: Rising smoke.

Examples for #1 & #2 as a adverb are below.

#1: The crop came to rising 6000 bushels.

#2: A lad rising sixteen.
by Maux Darkbrand June 13, 2009
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1. An object resembling one of the grasping parts of a set of pincers. For example, a crab's claw.

2. A maneuver in which an enemy force is attacked from two flanks and the front. See Pincer Attack.
AHHH! I my finger got sliced by the pincer of that lobster!!
by Maux Darkbrand May 31, 2009
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An attack in which two or more forces attack from multiple sides at once; especially one which thereby traps the enemy.
Commander: Alright men! Lets use a pincer attack!

Victims: Their surrounding us, there is nothing we can do!
by Maux Darkbrand May 31, 2009
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This word means to deprive someone of their rights, money, or property by committing fraud. To describe this in one word it would be, "dishonest".
Guy#1: I'm being sued for defraud? What?!

Guy#2: Dude, your employees defrauded the firm of millions of dollars.

Guy#1: Those bastards...
by Maux Darkbrand March 5, 2009
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