That time of night when you are about to fall asleep and close your eyes to go to dreamland.
Give the baby her bottle so she can go nite-nite.
by Paco Rivera March 17, 2005
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Dying on fortnite, by the hands of the ultimate gamer, DANNY P.
Fortnite Noob: *builds fort*
Danny P:" What the point of building forts you're going NITE NITE"
by Amro's U12s October 23, 2019
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used for infants babies toddlers kids and all children also known as little ones.

To say time to goe nite nite also is to bring on and sustain sleep in perfect comfort. Grab a comforter and allow your child or children Happiness and laughter while perfectly dreaming with no crankyness or distruptions
To say goe nite nite is to ensure safety in your child or children's sleep and home or space for generations to come.
time to Goe go goe nite nite is a great saying to send your little ones to bed.

I love speaking baby talk to my kids/ babies even as they grow so saying time to goe nite nite gives me sweet butterflies.
by UnoYoko February 12, 2022
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A steady flow of wrongfulness in business.
A Company that is in Nite Nite Mode is worried about everything except the task at hand, hense creating a stale content work enviorment.
by Anti Nite Nite November 21, 2011
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also spelled night night
is a sweet extremely Safe healthy holy dreaming state of perfection the term is used for infants Babies toddlers kids and sometimes adults (only adults with children should use the words nite nite) joint dreams of strangers, fartakers, naysayers evildoers or evil are impossible with nite nite.
saying nite nite allows for perfect sleep pattern when chosen, inclusive with that a non-jumping disrupted or disturbed sleep.

Saying nite nite is a Comfortable relaxed non-toxic and non-burdensome way to guarantee clean dreams and happy sleep. perfect laughter and smiles.
Cuddled with a thick blanket or comforter no matter the weather. Saying nite nite covers a multitude of misfigures and often provides laughter to all ages specifically the young. saying nite nite should always be a go to word for moms and dads who dwell with LOVE and Care.
Saying nite nite has helped me and my children tremendously
I like saying nite nite its so friendly and won't let naysayers or evil in.
by UnoYoko February 12, 2022
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