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A very energetic person who is about 5'3" in height. They are a good volleyball player and are the best libero in the prefecture.
I walked into the gym to see Nishinoya playing.
by Geekywriter November 16, 2016
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he is an baby and really cute best fucking volleyball libero in haikyuu a lot of people are simpig for him (including me)
Look its nishinoya hes so cute
by The boogie man :) July 15, 2020
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A very energetic smol boy who loves volleyball. He is the libero on a volleyball team. He is very determined and doesnt give up easily. he also really loves receiving from very strong spikers or very strong serves:)
Tanaka: Hey Nishinoya bro wanna practice your receiving some more
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by kvlluz October 31, 2020
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Literally sunshine. #stannishinoya2020
β€œMy favorite Haikyuu character is Nishinoya.”

β€œGreat choice.”
by KawaiiGracie November 05, 2020
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nishinoya is a really hot anime boy who plays volleyball and hes the smallest but hes the librao
hey nishinoya is really cute
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by thechossenone03 March 05, 2021
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a transgender boy who isnt real 😍 stop trying hell never love u dumb bitch
nishinoya thinks ur ugly
by youdidntseeshit01 April 03, 2021
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