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the best passer in a volleyball team. wears a different color of shirt. Usually the smallest on the team but is also the most fiestiest.
Girl 1- Wow see that libero?
Girl 2- yeah
Girl 1- She is really good!
by Selena1213 October 28, 2007
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The libero is the best defensive specialist but it is still necessary to attack and set. The libero is always on the court getting serve receives and digs. She/he must be willing to do anything to keep a ball up and must want it passionately to succeed. Libero means free, she has unlimited substitutions and wears a different colored jersey. The libero is the toughest position in volleyball.
Wow I can't believe she got that up
Well, ya she's the top libero in the state!
by 140L November 15, 2016
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A libero is a defensive specialist in volleyball. Being a libero consists of only playing in the back row & subbing in for people who play front row. A libero can not serve, but only can play defense.
Amanda:what is that person doing?
Alison:Subbing in, she's a libero.
Amanda:Oh that's real.
by Amandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa August 21, 2006
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