To divert attention from ones own asshole'ism and pull the race card to in-turn play victim.
You better do what I say or else I will go full Nishimoto on you until I get my way.
by Onesieone April 6, 2021
When you accuse someone of racism to disguise the fact that you’re being a cunt
She just nishimotoed me!! I denied her service because she was rude, not because I’m racist!!
by Red808 April 7, 2021
Disgusting the fact that your being a cunt by accusing someone of racism.
I can’t believe she nishimotoed me. I denied her service because of her attitude, not because of her race.
by Red808 April 7, 2021
Falsely accusing someone of being racist while you're actually being a cunt.
That guy nishimotoed greg when he realized greg wouldn't polish is knife.
by Sobinum April 6, 2021
When someone accuses you of being racist just to cover up the fact that they are in the wrong and are being a cunt.
After fulfilling an order for a custom built blacked out boat, the customer said he wanted blue. After explaining that the boat was built already and that he wouldn't be refunded, he argyed and cursed me and accused me of not refunding him because of his skin color. I've been nishimotoed.
by INEEDAMEDFORD April 7, 2021