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A word that sounds like pants, but looks like black people.
- Don't get your niqqers in a knot!
- Hey check out those niqqers
by niqqer December 05, 2007
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(noun) Exact same meaning as the word "nigger."

Replacing the "gg" with "qq" allows the word to used in an online post without (currently) having your post automatically censored; marked for approval by a board moderator; or banned outright.
If Trayvon had just stayed home once he got there -- instead of going back to attack Zimmerman -- that stupid niqqer would still be alive.
by mike87111 June 15, 2018
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Niqqer is a replacement for most of the white people who are afraid of typing NIGGER or afraid of saying it.
THAT STUPID BROWN FACED Niqqer stole my rap collection G!
by NiqqerJones January 04, 2005
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