A nipple erection commonly occurring when it is cold
'she could cut glass with those nippons'
by Monsieur Nippon June 13, 2007
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Its a chocolate covered snack a jack. and is really tasty. I dicovered it in Italy. nd it's very funny wen used in a question.
"can i have a nippon?"
"Ow give me a nippon?"
"those Nippons are really tasty!"
by wilko101 April 28, 2006
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Also called Nihon.
Nippon/Nihon means Japan.
Nippon is the name of Japan called by Japanese people.

Kanji letter combination means origin of sun.

In my theory, the reading ways of kanji letters (=Chinese letters) in Japanese and Chinese are different.
Sound of "Japan" is transformed from Chinese way of reading when ancient time travelled long way from eastern Asia to Europe.

A guy from Nippon won a gold medal.
by ramune nakayama December 20, 2007
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I cant see any my favorites on Toky2020 tv. Only Nippon guys!
ur still watchn telly, doncha?
fine by me. they look awsome in any costumes anol!
by Tokyo20=21 August 13, 2021
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Nippon is the name Japanese call their country: often used as a war cry exactly the same like "USA" calls in sports games.
It should be noteworthy that usually peace-loving Japanese would prefer to call their country "Nihon", because during WW2 they were forced to call their homeland "Dai-Nippon-Teikoku" that means Great Imperial Japan.
"Nippon, cha-cha-cha!" is preferred to cheer girls teams in volleyball games.
by GoldAndButman August 19, 2011
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A word describing erect nipples, coming from combining the words "NIPPles" and "hard ONS"
1-brrrr turn up the heat in here l've got some nippon action here.

2-if you rub nipples the right way they get little nippons...
by kater July 12, 2004
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