Much better word then my nigga, or the N-word. much more taste full, and not so ignorant to leave one smiling instead of cutting one down.
waz up my ninja
ninja please!

all the homies in the house yell ninja!
my ninja
you know yo my favorite ninja
ninja you mus think im stupid!
that's my ninja there.
and etc.
by thehitman1975 March 27, 2014
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1.(adj) Used to describe something that is so awesome it blows your mind. Comes from the fact that ninjas are well..ninja.
2.Can also be used as a characteristic to describe a person or thing.
1. "Did you see those gangstas on scooters rockin there kickass skillz before??" "Yeah, it was so ninja!"
2. "That girl is so ninja for starting the use of the word ninja in many people's daily life.
3. Daybies think that's so endo when really it's not even ninja.
by Sniperx992 January 27, 2010
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To do something slyly or discreetly; to act in a secret manner.
Dood 1: "Dood, did you see Bob jack that old lady's purse?"
Dood 2: "Yeah, dood, Bob is sooo ninja."

"Dude. Next time, try to be ninja when you steal a cookie from the cookie jar. Jeez.."
by MJ is cool. August 07, 2009
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When you disappear behind a thick puff of smoke. Works better with a hookah; inhale the smoke and then slowly breathe out. Make sure to be standing near a place where you would hide yourself.
Ambrose - Okay guys, check it out! (creates a huge smokescreen and disappears behind the curtain)
Buds - WTF? This dude must be a fucking ninja!
by Ambrose Zeppo December 04, 2009
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(N.) A synonym for black people, due to the fact that:
1. They usually travel at night
2. They have the uncanny ability to steal things
3. They are black
4. They are impossible to see at night
1. Yo, dat ninja jus stoled my chicken box.

2. Son, that ninja's got the biggest meat.
by Tom Do September 22, 2007
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creeper that dresses in black and secretly watches people from dark corners.

also: people whom only losers like to talk about.
ninja- i was standing in this girls room all night.. and she was too busy going through her clothes to see if they fit (giggidy)to notice me..
by so.what.im.still.a.rockstar November 17, 2008
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a code word used by white males to describe ones race or personality. used to describe black teen males. used also to describe how one acts reguardless of race
jim bob: look at that dumb ninja over there with his pants falling off his ass.
by psycho02 August 20, 2007
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