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Ninja Gaiden is the long-running Tecmo action series of video games. Originating as an arcade brawler, the series' most notable titles on home consoles are the three titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the recent Xbox title (and its rerelease titled "Ninja Gaiden Black"), which was the first Ninja Gaiden title in over a decade.

The last title especially is a particularly awesome game, the kind of game that isn't afraid to kick your ass (but without cheating you, because cheating is for wimps and commies). It's the type of game that the disgraceful "casual gamer" will give up on because it's "too hard," but anyone with the proper combination of brains and balls can't get enough of such an awesome game. In fact, if the term "too hard" exists in your vocabulary, you have no brains nor balls.
Ninja Gaiden is so sweet you'll want to crap your a good way. That is, unless you suck at video games and life.
by Paco Belmondo August 19, 2005
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Ninja Gaiden n. One of the greatest sidescrolling hack n' slash videogame series' ever to grace the Nintendo Entertainment System. And it stars a NINJA!! 'Nuff said. (Note: Not to be confused with the newly updated 3D version for the X Box; we're talking old-school here!)
Billy: "Hey! Wanna come outside and play soccer?"

Serious Ninja Gamer: "Not now, jackass! I'm almost up to level 7-3 in NINJA GAIDEN!
by Mr. Pirate May 26, 2004
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Ninja Gaiden - One of the most hardest and ownage Xbox games to date.
Person One: "Hey, wanna come over and play Ps2?!"
Person Two: "Bugger off ya jock strap, I'm owning these Froobs!"
by Ryu Hayabusa June 14, 2004
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The disrespectful act of sneaking up naked, on an unsuspecting woman during sex, bending over and farting in her face while she has her eyes closed, disappearing before shes opens them leaving her no choice but to ask "what was that?'' this will only count if someone is fucking her and she is face up, also for best results her head should be slightly hanging off the bed.
last night davenport and I ran a train on this army chick and while he was fucking her I pulled a ninja gaiden.

this chick was so stupid I had my boy pull a ninja gaiden on her.

while pence was having sex with his girl I ran in there real quick and pulled a ninja gaiden
by siscarface June 03, 2010
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One of the Hardest games on X-Box that is impossible to beat.
It took me forever to beat Ninja Gaiden on X-Box.
by Nick February 24, 2005
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(1.) "...Is too damned hard" is the end of that sentence.

(2.) Overrated videogame developed by Tecmo for the NES. Following its release in 1988, the game went on to eventually attain enormous popularity amongst snerds and hardcore lamers alike.
(1.) Ninja Gaiden is too damned hard!

(2.) Snerd: Ninja Gaiden is so awesome! Nintendo rulez...
Hardcore Lamer: I can win at this infuriating game! I'm not completely worthless!
by Christopher the 42nd November 15, 2007
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