No one knows anything about ninjas, they are never found. Anyone who says they are a ninja is lying, no ninja admits to being a ninja.
by mynameisalreadybeingusedagian February 15, 2011
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Term used by white people to label black people in an effort to not offend anyone black that may be hearing.
There's a lot of ninjas in that club on Thursdays.
by NinjaBlack July 10, 2008
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This noun and verb comes from World of Warcraft where certain loots, once assigned to a player, cannot be traded to another. When something valuable drops from a monster, a dice icon will appear which each player in a party can roll for the item or they can pass the item.

The person with the highest roll will get the item (if it's bind on pickup it canot be traded). Most people would only roll on something that they need and pass what they don't need to other players that need it.

This is where a ninja comes in.. Ninja means to roll on an item that you don't need or to roll on any item that you see whether you need it or not.
noun - omgz i just got outrolled by a ninja

noun2 - titan is a ninja, don't group with him

verb - i got ninja'd by some dude from this clan
by wrathanon May 25, 2005
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1.sneaky person usually of asian heritage whom carries deadly weapons(num chucks, samurai sword, shurikens, etc.)
2.known enemy of pirates.
3.another word for nigger that will keep you safe because the black people wont know that ur talking about them
1.Nate Kamerick you are a 1337 ninja
2.Best run or ill bust a cap NINJA!
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NINJA - A way to call someone a nigger! Most black people would never know! Its a white thing!
"Look at all those ninja's standing on the street corner selling drugs"

"damn ninja's"
by monster69 February 04, 2010
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The Awesomest game ever!

Everyone is standing in a circle with their hands together in the middle when ninjas unite. On the count of three everyone jumps back into a ninja pose. Starting with anyone in the circle, one person makes one fluent movent to attack at another player. The other player can can make one fluent movement to avoid getting hit by the other player. If they get hit on the elbow or down, that arm is out. If not, then it is still in. Once you get both hands out, you are out of the game. When one person goes, the turns go around in the circle either clockwise or counterclockwise. This game is so addicting!
Person 1: Man! I can't believe I lost ninja! I always win!
Person 2: Not this time! The first time player won! Yay Me!
by nedrag September 03, 2010
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