The rush of excitement a person feels before/during/after sexual pleasure or extreme physical activity. An intense state of being in the moment.
"I'm feeling ninja about climbing up this mountain today."

"Baby, the way you gave that blow job last night was fucking ninja."
by kmakatz December 31, 2008
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A woman who is extremely politcally correct and probably a lesbian or a feminist (or both).
I was telling this awesome joke when the ninja gave me the dirty eye.
by The Angry Monk November 17, 2005
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For males, it means that they have a very small penis.
For females, it means that they have very saggy breasts and vaginas.
Jack: I can go on that roller coaster!
Jill: But that one has the restraints that hurt your 'ya kno wats'...
Jack: So? It doesn't hurt me!
by The Creators July 25, 2008
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1.a language created for the purpose of communicating in class w/o words
2.the speaking version of the ninja language has words with multiple meanings.
3.no attempts to speak ninja should be made if proper usage is not known.
The ninja language is the perfect communication for school.

a:so how was checking your myspace last nite?
b:i couldnt my top friend was sick.
by nja8689 May 27, 2007
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Used when wanting to say niger. Ninja is used when wanting to replace the word niger in a sentence. Commonly used in a joking matter and not serios.
by Yaseen.R June 12, 2008
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An enpowered woman. A woman who has overcome obstacles. A woman who is always there to support her friends. Defend them to the end.
My best friend is a true Ninja.
She is an amazing ninja.
by wigglesmomma March 12, 2010
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