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Nikolaj is a common name in eastern and central european countries as well as in english speaking contries. Although spelled in lots of diffent ways the pronounciation is only slightly varying. The name origins from the Name Nicholas wich is greek and meaning "victorious people". Biblical "one of seven qualified men". Can also mean sensual or sexy.
He was one of the nikolaj.

When the battle was over he was nikolaj.

Oh, he was so nikolaj I almost came right there.
by Jonas Rose Høeg November 04, 2007
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Nikolaj is a fat serbian cunt.
His spare time is made up over stalking girls and smashing the teeth in of anyone who disrespects the dentist
He is a qualified dentist and will chip your skull if you chat bare shit
Next time you are in Serbia thank God that the dentist is not around or he will rape your teeth
Nikolaj is the dentist and he will cave your skull in
by Big bastard bill February 22, 2019
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It's a european boy name. The person is quite possibly gay, but doesn't know yet. Very shy, but loves to talk about himself. Often tall and thin.
"Who's the quiet creepy guy in the corner?"

"Oh, it's just Nikolaj"
by firstsupercoolkid February 03, 2015
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Did you mean Neonazi?
also known as:
- Neo Neo
- Nikke Nikke
- Ikke Nikke (nej?!)
Sentences containing synonyms for Nikolaj:
Do you wanna go on a date? Ikke Nikke (nej!?)
Its the Neo Neo boy
Hey! Nikke Nikke
by Ayyayaah May 24, 2018
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