Someone who is afraid to use the "N" word around black people.
Yo Clyde, loosen up some, dont be afriad to say nigga just because Tyrone is here.

Hey John, why do you always have to be so Niggative?
by Sneakyfellow February 13, 2010
When someone is sad and starts acting ghetto and or black (can be black but doesnt have to)
First person: Jane stop being so niggative.

Jane: nigga dont tell me how to act!
by Kaeore July 18, 2015
Term used to describe those who are discriminative, or promote the use of sterotypes in reference to african-americans and other ethnic groups of blacks.
Guy1: "Have you heard about that dirty camel-lipped cotton picking negro who lives with his grandma? Heard he runs the 100m in 6 seconds, lives off grape soda and has an 18inch dong!"

Guy2: "...Dude, you are so Niggative!"
by jeffreyarcher17 April 23, 2009
When someone with dark skin, also referred to as a "Nigger", is being in a negative mood.
Charlie: Man, this fried chicken is shit!
Jackson: Stop being so niggative you black ass!
by Benjahman August 21, 2014
Basically the same as nig nig but with more effort. Punch it out when you speak it to give it the extra two g's at the end.
by Marki G May 19, 2005
The prejudice perceived by a black person when it's not actually there.
"Man, why are you arresting me? Is it because I is black?" "Damn, get over your niggativity, I'm arresting you for killing those 12 people back there."
by carldr January 8, 2006
A public display of ignorance or ignorant acts portrayed by one ignorant ass black person that gives black people a bad name. Everyone loves black people, but even black people hate NIGGERS- or the ignorant black people that can never get rid of their ghetto mentality and give all black people a bad name.
Ignorant ass nigga #1- "Say dawg fuck you and yo high school diploma i get that e-z money on the streets ya feel me? I don't need no edumacation i always gonna have mo' money than all ya'll gradumatating niggas!"

Ignorant ass nigga #2-" Hell yeah! I say we jump this nigga for thinkin he smarter than us. He can pull up grades but he sure can't pull no hoes ya digg!"

average black person watching the scene: "All of you ignorant ass fools need to stop all this niggativity! You give black people a bad name for real!"
by a.b.p November 18, 2009