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When after smoking, or vaping with high nicotine vapors, specifically a juul. A feeling of being lightheaded, or sick to your stomach may occur. This can also be characterized with throwing up and having a bad trip. This may make you want to quit juuling but you’ll probably just do it again tomorrow.
Yoooo i just had the longest juul sesh and threw up all over my mom , I think I lost my last 2 brain cells. Im just little nic sick. JUUL SZNNN
by Drew Boyd December 23, 2017
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the feeling of absolute shit after vaping high amounts of nicotine. lightheadedness and an upset stomach are common symptoms
“dawg why you clenching your stomach like that and laying down”
“i’m feeling nic sick i feel like i’m about to barf all my shit up
by ale.xan December 01, 2018
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n. nic sick

sickness induced by an intolerable amount of nicotine at once

hannah had never smoked a cigarette before, and proceeded to chain smoke half a pack of unfiltered lucky strikes. nic sickness and hilarity ensued.
by Andrew B. Sherman May 19, 2008
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A sickness felt after taking in large amounts of nicotine, headache, upset stomache, vomiting and other side affects may occur, usually starts shortly after the headrush
Man, this 24 nic vape juice sure hits you hard, hella good readrush but man shit sure makes you feel nic sick. Remember when Tim threw up at the gas station from it? Lol what a retard
by #teamvirgin August 31, 2018
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