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very sensitive individual. loves to smile and laugh. don't take shit from nobody. laughs more then the average person. likes to get in screaming relationships just for the hot make up sex. has a lot of friends. very emotional though. hides alot from everybody. very talented. humorous and loves music.
damn look at that girl, she's perfect ! she must be a karley..
by nikkiflores6969 March 07, 2009
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A really pretty girl. Usually petite and a brunette. She is uber smart and finds really cool friends to hang out with. She's a really good girlfriend and gets all the guys. She basically has the perfect life: intelligent, popular, and pretty. She's a triple threat; watch out for her! Everyone wants to be Karley. She's the it-girl.
If you ever date Karley, your the luckiest man alive!
by kmlover1394 March 18, 2011
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a girl pretty most of the time brown hair laughs a lot loves animals hard core soft inside a cheerleader for some reason and also loves to talk. few friends but still talks to everybody very funny and the guys fall for her
man she is pretty and funny most be a Karley
by lilytate34 September 18, 2018
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A karley is super cute, she’ll make u laugh a ton and she is so sweet. She deserves the whole world, Very shy until you get to know her. Overall an amazing person who is everyone’s friend
dang who’s that, that’s karley!
by TheAmazingDad December 29, 2018
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A very kind and gentle soul, doesn't seem very smart but is going far in life. Beautiful eyes for some reason every Karley has incredible eyes. little heavy but just wait she will glow up and leave you in shock very honest and truthful and will always have your back no matter what but if you cross a Karley you will probably regret everything
"wow have you seen Karley? what happened to the ugly ? the only part that stayed are her eyes!" "man Karley is so kind and honest but I sad something about her and I just want to be back to normal again" "there is a story in her eyes"
by truthbetold78 April 23, 2017
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Karley, a nice girl that is very very kind and nice to others and has a very nice body and personality. She may be a bummer sometimes but in the end she makes your day😊
Boy:Dam bro look its Karley🤤

Boy:I wish i had her as my own😍
by KoaWong November 22, 2018
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A beautiful, generous young lady. Loyal and trusting. She is also very loving!!
Wow she is beautiful, trusting person; her name must be Karley
via giphy
by Vennessa March 30, 2018
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