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Well, I thought it stood for "no further message"--something to add to the subject line to an email, when the subject line is the email, to save the recipient the nuisance of opening the, um, message. If it does not mean this, it should.
And the mule you road in on, NFM
by Buce July 29, 2005
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Not For Me.
The new girl at work that flirts with all your colleagues inc all the married and in relationship ones "She's gotta go. NFM".

When someone you know hasn't washed their hands and they dig their finger into your Carmex "NFM".

Those people who introduce themselves as "mad" "crazy" funny" or "edgy" THEY are "NFM".

People who say "nice to e-meet you"- "NFM".
by GemAlice August 30, 2016
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No F'in Memory

Memory Sweater chick poor remind
I had to remind this chick so many times about the sweater she promised to knit me.... cause she had NFM (no F'in memory)

Memory Sweater chick poor remind
by go bbluth June 04, 2014
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Short for Nigga Fax Machine. A mode of communicating by writing a note and having a friend deliver it to the person.
Guy 1: My phone is broken, can you be my nfm and let Amy know I'm gone on Thursday?
Guy 2: Sure thing man, I'll tell her tomorrow.
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