A city that has wrongly been labled as a city of art and culture.

Unless you define art and culture as being overweight, drinking too much and smashing up phone boxes in the bigg market that is..

BTW, I'm from the north east, it's like that all over. I havn't really got 'out against geordies, but they are arrogant"
"What's all this crap about newcastle being cultured??"

"Oh, i know, it's because the media has to be politically correct and pretend the north east isn't shite!!"
by The mackem July 11, 2004
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This comes from a non geordie or Mackem point of view:

A city in north east England that, no matter how hard they try to deny it, are exactly the same as Sunderland.

The geordies call Sunderland 'scum' but to be fair they arn't any better. Sunderland having a not unclean, but not clean either city center but the suberbs are much better.

Where as newcastle have a not unclean but not clean city center and the futher away you travel, the more of a shit hole it is.

Newcastle; famous for a cocky as fuck football team nobody outside of Newcastle can stand, Good shops, The great north run and a multi million pound bridge thats supposed to look like an eye.
Sunderland; famous for a somewhat shitty, yet improving, football team, beautiful beaches, fantastic annual airshow attended by 1.2 million and the biggest empire Theatre between leeds and Glasgow.

Night life is equal for both cities, Sunderland having The Point, Newcastle having The Gate; equally as immence.

Universities, both good unless you what a job in medicine; then sunderland.

The only thing that puts Newcastle on the map is The Newcastle international Airport, otherwise they are both equaly fantastic cities and Sunderland dosn't get nearly enough credit that it deserves.
Person A; Where shall we go at the weekend, Sunderland or Newcastle.

Person B; Either, as long as its not down south. Posh twats.
by Greenwool18 July 15, 2010
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Newcastle.. The Town is nice and the Shops are Great.. Has the the potential to be a great city but sadly isn't.

Due to the Scruffy, horrible, Bad mouth Ingrate's that inhabit the area. The football is a Joke which is funny because they used to have some of the best players to play in the premier league and now.. Well there ''Shit''

Lets Face it. Newcastle is a Fucking Joke. Thank you Geordie Tramps, you ruined a Good Place.
Newcastle Geordie Scum
by The Bosh Man June 13, 2011
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A specific core for the Athlon 64 processor.

AMD released a cheaper core for the Athlon 64 right after the initial debut of the processor. The Newcastle core came in both the Socket 754 and 939 interfaces. It featured 512 KB of L2 cache as opposed to 1 MB on the Clawhammer core.

The Newcastles on the Socket 754 platform ran at 800MHz Hypertransport frequency while the Socket 939 ones ran at 1000 MHz Hypertransport frequency.

Athlon 64s
Newcastle (754): 2800+, 3000+, 3200+, 3300+ (L2 = 256 KB), 3400+
Newcastle (939): 3000+, 3200+, 3400+, 3500+, 3800+

AMD phased out its Socket 754 platform and so Newcastles are the last of Socket 754. Socket 754 will only continue for Semprons (budget level). Socket 939 Newcastles are replaced by Winchester/Venice core CPUs which feature 90nm manufacturing (and SSE3 in Venice).
I bought a Newcastle instead of a Clawhammer today because Clawhammers were being phased out on Socket 754.

My Newcastle 3200+ rapes an Intel P4 3.2 GHz anyday.
by dmo April 24, 2005
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Newcastle is an Australian city located on the coastline of NSW. It's mainly known for its coal export and nice beaches.
Person A: "Where do live?"

Person B: "Coal"

Person A: "I'm guessing Newcastle"

Person B: "Coal"

Person A: "You sure do love coal, Scotty"
by M92 Metrobus May 26, 2020
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The best place in England where i and the cannyfit willneoriginate.come visit for a pint and a jaw spinning.
(Person1) have you ever been to England?

(Person2) yes I went to Newcastle it was canny necta!
(Person3) SUB TO WILLNE! 5MIL 2020
by Willne is fit February 14, 2020
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