An extremely handsome man, very intelligent, with an impeccable personality. He's truly a very special guy and once you get to know him, he'll cease to amaze you each day with his rare brilliant heart. Incredibly handsome, sensual, talented and has a deep interest in the universe which'll inspire you to learn too. He'll change your world to make it better. He's always there to lend you strength , hope during hardship. He might not think he's worthy of the world, but truth to be told, he deserves much more, he deserves the universe. An uber funny guy, he will make you laugh with his addictive humour. He loves music and receives peace from lyrics and melodies. His love's incredible. He may not show it, but he is a super loving and passionate person. He may appear withdrawn, but you must take time to know him because he will make your life a better place. His love is heartfelt and sincere, that no amount can feel too much. He will stun you with how much he cares. He's the man you can't imagine life without. He's person you'll spend your days thinking about, wanting to speak to, care for, be there for. He's been through so much yet has a fighting spirit. You will adore, admire and love him. He should never be hurt or upset only protected. You'll want to be there for him through thick and thin no matter what.. A man like this will make you feel like you've never felt before. You'll want to be everything he desires so you can always see him happy some more.
That guy is simply amazing, how could you ever hurt someone like Luka?

He's just a such a sweet guy he must be Luka.

He might not always believe, but Luka deserves the universe.

Luka is amazing, you are bound to fall in love with Luka
by The name Luka May 14, 2019
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The kind of person who has to write their own urban dictionary definition. Can never find their name on any "personalised" keychain or mug. People usually assume they are a boy when reading their name, which can sometimes cause confusion.
Oh, there's no urban dictionary definition for Luka? Guess I better write one for us all then.
by TheRealScarletPumpernickel January 10, 2021
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If you know a Luka, then you probably know that they are hot as fuck. They are usually really smart, really strong, and really sexy. If you have a boyfriend named luka, then you are really, really, lucky.
Girl 1: "Who is that guy?"
Girl 2: "He's Luka, he's so hot, right?
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An alluring , kindhearted girl that can make anyone happy, Luka is a wonderful person to hang around. Although she's insecure and nervous to be herself in front of others, she can always make you laugh, no matter what mood you or her are in. She's incredibly funny and always knows what to say. She's one of those people who can always make you feel better, no matter the circumstance. Luka is intelligent enough to handle herself in overwhelming situations, but she is not a leader nor a follower. And, not gonna lie, she's hella attractive ;). If you find a Luka, make sure to never let her go. She's always a great friend/girlfriend to have!
Girl: Luka is such a good friend! She's helped me out with so much! I'm glad to know someone's here for me when I need them!

Guy: Yeah, that sounds like a Luka thing to do!
by urmom70707 November 6, 2020
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A deviously handsome, intelligent, fun loving guy. Often hailing from eastern European countries, he is full of personality and will always be there for you if you need it. He is incredibly good with the ladies and always drives less superior men insane because of this. His laugh makes everyone around him feel a little happier. His gaze is inescapable and his body is one that a God should envy.
Chick one: DAMN! Look at that guy! He`s such a Luka!
by insertmynamehere January 19, 2011
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Luka is usually a boy, Luka is very kind and sweet especially to his crush.
He’s so sweet he’s such a Luka
by Lukanette May 20, 2021
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complete and utter savage. really sexy. amazingly hot. tons of friends. makes the world better. date him. it will be the best experience of your life
chick: damn. what a Luka!
by Savagetableeater January 10, 2018
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