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Ahh guy, or even guy, is a term used when peers are meeting up. A variant of hello."Cha guy" is a variant of thanks, and "Reelax guy" is general banter.

Thanks Kingo.
And Jordan is a complete fucking retard.
"Ahh Guy"

"Cha guy"

"Reeeeeeeelax guy"
by Tatman July 17, 2006
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refers to a person who is of the opposite race, most commonly african. Hand gesture over the face must be used when describing someone as a "new guy"
"Oh my god, its a new guy"

"Lets all make fun of the new guy"

"Hmmm a new guy, let me get my gun"
by Tatman July 17, 2006
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A "Mobbeating" is a common usage among peers and is an attempt to beat the living shit out of one of them. A mobbeating involves a "mob", commonly comprising of 4-5 people, beating one person on thier own when they have pissed off the mob.
JORDAN "Oi, cockend, i hate you."
JORDAN "No please, its not my fault im a slave."

by Tatman July 14, 2006
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Mumdead is an insult commonenly used among peers to describe a person that causes them displeasure.

2.Also, it can be used as a term to be used when one is angry or upset.

"That kids's mum is so dead."

"I'd happily kill his mum."

2. "This is so mumdead."

by Tatman July 13, 2006
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