Shoes dat people in dc and maryland go crazy for than jordans
my nationals fitted go smack wit my 992's and im from da middle east so im way flyyer than you!

im from md fucc jordans im rockin new balance youngin'
by tragikk May 28, 2009
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The world's greatest shoe and clothing brand, endorsed by only the most elite athletes
Kawhi Leonard reps New Balance
by Mohammed Gibson January 4, 2022
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gay ass shoes that all the 7th graders at lovett wear
guy 1: why is everyone wearing new balances
guy 2: all these lil poos r trynna be cool
by KeVIn GgggGGG March 20, 2018
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Some of the most popular New Balance yet. They come in a variety of colors and most people own at least one pair
Person A: What shoes are you wearing tonight bro?
Person B: Im thinking about my black New Balance 574

Person A: Come to think of it, I might wear mine too.
by Theboogieman94 August 6, 2009
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when you fill someone's shoes/socks with snow as a prank or punishment
Aw dang it Harold! Why you gotta do the ol' Siberian New Balance to me? Now I can't feel my toes!
by earnsmojo February 1, 2021
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Any 990 and up variation of New Balance running shoes, esp. the 992 or 993 models.
Man that dude was rockin' some Old Man New Balance shoes.
by AstuteLegalScholar August 31, 2014
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Generally a Puerto Rican from the Bronx containing lack of “drip” or “swag”.
Usually wearing clothes that could be found in the display or V.i.m. Bootcut jeans with Rips and fitted hats with atrocious logos.l such as “Bronx hustler” or “Grind”..
Jose:Hey you heard that new Pete powerz I think that niggas fly.
Manio: I think that nigga a new balance Puerto Rican.
by Mr Milk February 11, 2020
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