2 definitions by ac604

A term used at the end of certain phrases or sentences.
"Last night, I caught my roomate and his girlfriend doing the dirty dah"

"Oh my dah!"

"Suuuuuuure dah!"


"That is such DAH!"
by ac604 June 2, 2005
As defined by Michael Hauben, author of the book, Netizens:

"...people who care about Usenet and the bigger Net and work towards building the cooperative and collective nature which benefits the larger world."

"...people who work towards developing the Net."
You are a Netizen if you contribute to the online community in a positive fashion, allowing the community to grow.

Tom is the epitomy of a Netizen, he spends all his free time in those tech support forums answering people's questions about computers.
by ac604 June 2, 2005