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Banter is defined by what it tries and fails to be: spontaneous, funny, and tolerable.

Also known as "the wit of chavs".
Blackadder is showing Mr. and Mrs. Pants around a house, which he is trying to sell.
Mrs. Pants: "Strange smell."
Blackadder: "Yes, that's the servant - he'll be gone."
Mr. Pants: "You're really worked out your banter, haven't you?"
Blackadder: "No, not really. This is a different thing, it's spontaneous and it's called wit."
by turnoutthelights January 15, 2010
Just as a "citizen" is a member of a country, a "netizen" is a member of the internet. However, this term is overhyped and inaccurate Web 2.0 self-love for the following reasons:

- Citizens have legal rights regarding free expression and protection against illegal harassment and discrimination. Netizens do not.
- Citizens have legal responsibilities to their country including refraining from illegal harassment and discrimination. Netizens do not.
- Citizens are defined by their country, thus tied to a geographical location and forced to face the consequences of their opinions, choices and actions in that country. Netizens are not.
- Citizens are personally identifiable. Netizens are not.
This week, the blogosphere has been buzzing, with netizens giving their opinions on today's hot and pressing topic: Does Justin Bieber Have Syphilis? Netizen 'bieberfever4evaa11' said: 'JUSTIN BEIBER(sic) IS CLERLY(sic) NOT WELL, LEAVE JUSTIN BEABER(sic) ALONE!!' He - or she - later added: 'THESE ARE REAL TEARS I'M CRYING'
by turnoutthelights November 29, 2010